Campaign to Fund a New Drone

January 12 marks the first anniversary of the worst aviation disaster in SuAn's history. That day, SuAn's drone fell into the water like a stone. Unfortunately, with the drone, we also lost the opportunity to impress our readers with great aerial shots.

Read the crash-story here.

Some of our readers are not happy with this situation. They would like to be able to see impressive aerial photographies again in the future and suggest starting a "Campaign for New Drone".

Following these wishes, we have expanded the website somewhat and created an opportunity for our readers to make a small contribution to this campaign.

For the new drone, we have choosen the reasonable priced DJI Mini 2. It's small and light, has a very good flight characteristics and an excellent camera that can even take RAW photos.

On Amazon the drone is offered, with three batteries, charging station and other accessories, for 599.90 Euro. This amount marks the campaign goal.

Your kind support will help siginficantly to to acheave the campaign goal very soon.

Current Status of the Campaign

228,63 Euro of 599,90 Euro

38,11of the campaign goal have already been achieved.

Soon we will see such shots again:

Thanks to your support