News of: 12.05.2021, at 02:08:49 hrs

New Zealand circumnavigated

We made it and finished our circumnavigation of New Zealand. Only very few cruisers are brave enough to sail down in the roaring forties. Our trip begun in Whangarei on November 13 l2020 and finishes on May 9 in 2021. From those 175 days we sailed on 90 days a total distance of 3140 nautical miles and stayed at 80 anchorages and in 6 marinas, where we explored those areas on foot.


News of: 19.12.2020, at 06:08:30 hrs

SuAn at the other end of the world

Further away from home than the south of New Zealand isn't possible. Even the Antarctica is closer to Germany.


News of: 23.07.2020, at 08:55:47 hrs

Winter Cruising in New Zealand

Winter Sailing

The Corona virus is still a big world wide pandemic with increasing numbers of cases and deaths. New Zealand , as well as most of the other countries, is protecting its boarders from international arrivals. So we cannot leave by boat since we do not know, where we would be accepted for arrivals. It is winter in the southern hemisphere. The temperatures on the North-Island of NZ are between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius. Not so bad. But almost weekly low pressure systems come along with lots of rain and strong winds. The east coast of NZ‘s North Island has lots of beautiful bays which provide shelter in strong winds. It is time to explore them.


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Covid-19 is changing everyone's plans, ours too. The state of national emergency in New Zealand starts on March 26 and keeps everyone for at least four weeks in social isolation. Businesses are shut down, people have to stay at home. This means for us, that we cannot launch SuAn and leave New Zealand as planned in the middle of April towards the Pacific Island. Since there are severe travel restrictions worldwide we have to stay in New Zealand for an unknown period of time.


News of: 21.02.2020, at 07:34:33 hrs


SuAn is safely stored in Whangarei. It is our second season in New Zealand. This time we use our Nissan Serena camper to cruise around the South Island of this beautiful country.


News of: 13.05.2019, at 13:00:00 hrs

Warm welcome in Fiji


After a total distance of 1253 nautical miles, or 2320 km we are arriving today in Fiji. We stared in Marsden Cove Marina in New Zealand, stopped briefly in the amazing Minerva Reef and made finally landfall in Vuda Marina at the western coast of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. Already at the customs dock we are warmly welcomed by a group of locals singing a welcome song for us.


News of: 23.04.2019, at 07:00:00 hrs


All vessels need maintenance. This is also true for SuAn. Since exactly two month we are working every day on the vessel. Now we see some light at the end of the tunnel. We are assuming that in one or two weeks we will take SuAn back in the water.


News of: 22.07.2018, at 04:25:55 hrs

One more video uploaded


This nice little video is made by our friends Dan and Jilly from SV Dazzler. It shows us visiting unbelievable tame Stingrays in Moorea. To watch it just klick on this link or the image above. On the new page scoll a little bit down. Enjoy!


News of: 16.07.2018, at 05:46:15 hrs

New video uploaded: Dolphins


We have uploaded a little video about playing Dolphins under water. Here you can watch it. Or click on the image.


News of: 17.03.2018, at 18:11:45 hrs

Pacific Loop closed


Today we cross our track from 2011 and close our Pacific Loop, the circumnavigation of the northern Pacific. During this loop we covered more then 21,000 nautical miles (38,000 km). It was a fascinating challenge and even including the accident in Japan, where SuAn was badly damaged, it was the most enjoyable part of our cruising so far.