Entry Date: 19.10.2021, at 14:00:00 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

In the shipyard


PRID: 12282
LegID: 331
LegNo: 79
Latitude: S035°44.69'
Longitude: E174°20.84'
Day#: 1107
Log (Day): 4 nm
Log (Leg): 416 nm
Log (Total): 55526 nm
It is the last day in lockdown, level 3, but we are allowed to haul-out SuAn in the shipyard to clean the underwater hull. After two months in the marina we expect some growth at SuAn´s belly.

But this is not the case and after water blasting the bit of slime is washed off. Lutz activates the antifouling and polishes the propeller. He replaces some anodes and SuAn is ready to launch.