Entry Date: 02.04.2024, at 10:05:19 hrs (local)

Cabedelo, Brazil - Barbados

Banana Cake


PRID: 12970
LegID: 355
LegNo: 100
Latitude: N001°30.27'
Longitude: W045°19.49'
Day#: 1507
Course: 306 °
Speed: 6 kn
Etmal: 146 nm
Log (Day): 151 nm
Log (Leg): 844 nm
Log (Total): 79661 nm
Days sailing: 7
Covered distance: 845 nautical miles
Distance to destination: 1110 nautical miles
Weather: 12-15kn NE wind, small waves, sunny with clouds, 32 degree Celsius
Mood of the crew: content

To begin with, we would like to clarify that the report published yesterday was an April Fool´s joke. Both the ”Atmospheric Control Research Institute” and their alleged weather manipulation app, ”WeatherShift,” are fiction. We hope you had as much fun reading it as we had while writing. We would be very pleased if you could give us a short feedback in the Forum about how you liked it.

However, even without using this fictional app, the wind and weather have now stabilized to such an extent that we can assume that we have indeed left the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and are currently in the northern Trade Wind band. For 24 hours, we have now ideal winds of around 12-15 knots from the northeast, as well as picture-perfect weather with glorious sunshine and a few scattered clouds in the sky.

Gabi baked a delicious banana cake, following JoAnne´s world famous recipe, to celebrate the occasion. Yanmar San is once again sinking into a deep slumber while SuAn, moving at a leisurely pace of around 6-7 knots on a beam reach course, glides effortlessly through the barely moving sea. We are now enjoying coffee and cake while relaxing in comfort.