Entry Date: 13.07.2022, at 18:30:00 hrs (local)

Neuseeland - Indonesien



PRID: 12516
LegID: 338
LegNo: 85
Latitude: S005°55.09'
Longitude: E132°43.34'
Day#: 1234
Log (Day): 38 nm
Log (Leg): 3301 nm
Log (Total): 61849 nm
Days sailing: 5
Covered distance: 678 nautical miles
Distance to destination: -- nautical miles
Weather: 20kn SE wind, cloudy
Mood of the crew: happy

We made it quite before dark and anchor in the bay Uf Mar in the very South of the island Kai Dulah. We notice that there are four other rally participants already here.

The other yachts have already set there rally flag. We are following that example and are setting our Rally Indonesia participant flag.

After that we retire into the salon and calibrate our safe passage and the good arrival in Indonesia.