Entry Date: 13.01.2021, at 14:20:00 hrs (local)

Kaikoura - Stewart Island

At the South Cape


PRID: 12105
LegID: 327
LegNo: 75
Latitude: S047°17.79'
Longitude: E167°32.37'
Day#: 1013
Log (Day): 20 nm
Log (Leg): 560 nm
Log (Total): 53261 nm
Today we arrive at the Latitude of 47 degree and 18 Minutes our probably most southern position of our journey. We sail around the southern cape of Steward Island. The lower Fourties are infamous for its storms and heavy seas. But we have calm weather with a 2.5 meter swell from West.

A little later we are passing the small passage between Big South Cape Island and Steward Island. Timing is important here. We arrive at high water slag tide and the current starts to takes us to the North. In this passage the current reaches 4 kt and it might become dangerous particular in wind against current situations.