Entry Date: 02.08.2023, at 13:00:00 hrs (local)

Kuching - Kota Kinabalu

Final Preparations


PRID: 12766
LegID: 344
LegNo: 91
Latitude: N004°23.12'
Longitude: E113°58.31'
Day#: 1389
Log (Leg): 743 nm
Log (Total): 67614 nm
Miri is a good place for our final preparations for the next big trip over the Indian Ocean to South Africa. The next destination will be Cocos Keeling, about 1800 nm SE of here. But that is only a little atoll, belonging to Australia and not a good place for shopping or any boat repair. SuAn and crew have to be ready for the big trip.

Since Kota Kinabalu we have started with preparations and provisioning. In Labuan we have stocked up beverages, in Brunei diesel and drinking water and now in Miri, lots of canned food, snacks for the night watches, baking supplies and finally fruits and vegetables from the market.

But also SuAn got a clean underwater hull, the rig is checked and one of the shrouds was changed, engine oil for Yanmar-San is changed, several little repairs of electronics are done and the UV-damaged stitches of the sail cover are re-sewn. Our new satellite communication system via IrridiumGo is installed and our safety equipment checked. We have studied Noon site and travel reports, installed new electronic sea charts for OpenCPN for the Indian Ocean and prepared our arrival in Cocos Keeling and South Africa ...

Today we clear out of Malaysia with the Port Control Office, Immigration and Custom, do some final shopping and have a farewell dinner with our new friends in one of the many restaurants in town.

We are ready to leave.