Entry Date: 12.01.2022, at 16:30:00 hrs (local)

Paterson Inlet - Stewart Island - Stewart Island

SuAn in Evening Cove


PRID: 12359
LegID: 334
LegNo: 81
Latitude: S047°12.30'
Longitude: E167°37.46'
Day#: 1146
Log (Leg): 135 nm
Log (Total): 56976 nm
This is the last image ever taken by our drone before it crashed in the cold water.

SuAn is anchored in the Evening Cove and secured with two shore lines.

During the search for the drone in the water Lutz discovered on the bottom of the bay also scallops. He not only brings back the crashed aircraft but also a number of those extremely tasty shellfish.

During dinner we give our self a nice tread with scallops and white wine and soon we are in a way better mood than after the drone was crashed.