Entry Date: 22.06.2022, at 12:00:00 hrs (local)

Neuseeland - Indonesien

Wind Energy


PRID: 12494
LegID: 338
LegNo: 85
Latitude: S016°55.07'
Longitude: E145°46.93'
Day#: 1218
Log (Leg): 2206 nm
Log (Total): 60754 nm
On our passage we had passengers almost every night. One seabird was caught in our wind generator. A loud cry of the bird, a bang against the wings of the wind generator and than the propeller was not spinning smooth anymore. No more wind energy for SuAn.

Today Lutz is fixing the problem: After taking the wind generator off the radar mast he finds out, that there is no damage on the wings, but the adjustment of on wing is out of the middle. That is easily and fast fixed. Soon the radar mast stands up again with the wind generator on top. Our wind generator is running smoothly again. Good for the windy passage ahead.

Hopefully the bird is ok again, too.