Entry Date: 10.05.2021, at 16:00:00 hrs (local)

Cook Strait - Mana - Whangarei

In the heart of Whangarei


PRID: 12212
LegID: 330
LegNo: 78
Latitude: S035°43.46'
Longitude: E174°19.59'
Day#: 1073
Log (Day): 2 nm
Log (Leg): 689 nm
Log (Total): 55106 nm
We know Whangarei´s Town Basin Marina very well, since we have visited our friend here many times. SuAn was docked here for two weeks in October 2018 when we arrived in New Zealand for the first time.

This time we stay only a few days and get a perfect berth directly at the beautiful city-river-side. Lots of restaurants are just 10 - 50 meters away and it is very easy to reach the city center by foot within 10 minutes. Above on all we see lots of our cruiser friends again.