Entry Date: 21.08.2019, at 11:38:18 hrs (local)

Denerau - Lautoga

Bye bye SuAn


PRID: 11814
LegID: 320
LegNo: 68
Latitude: S017°48.00'
Longitude: E177°19.27'
Day#: 922
Log (Leg): 606 nm
Log (Total): 50000 nm
We take a break again and we have to leave SuAn in Fiji. This was really not intended and we would have preferred to sail SuAn out of the belt of tropical storms, which statistically may be more frequently visiting this area between November and May.

The last cyclone with the name Winston did hit Viti Levu on February 20, 2016 with full force. With sustained winds of 175 nm/h or 280 km/h and an air pressure of 884 mbar it was the most intense tropical storm in the southern hemisphere and the second strongest since recording. 40.000 houses have been destroyed and more then 350.000 people have been affected, which makes about 40 percent of Fiji´s population.

But we don´t have any choice. This time SuAn is perfectly fine, but the crew needs maintenance. Currently nobody is able to tell how long this process will last.

The last week we have been busy in preparing her for the cyclone season: We put SuAn at the hard, removed all sails and ropes, washing all salt away, removing everything, which could fly away from deck, including solar cells, life raft, fenders, canisters... flushing the engines and changing oil.

We hope, that no cyclone will hit Fiji this season and SuAn will wait for us without any bad surprises.