Entry Date: 11.08.2022, at 16:00:00 hrs (local)

Uf Mar, Kai Islands - Batam

Festival in Tifu


PRID: 12538
LegID: 339
LegNo: 86
Latitude: S003°42.82'
Longitude: E126°24.00'
Day#: 1242
Log (Leg): 450 nm
Log (Total): 62299 nm
In order to welcome us sailors in Tifu, government officials have traveled to the little village to speak on the welcome ceremony.

First we are greeted by the village eldest on the pier and a group of boys is singing for us. Than we are guided to the main road, where a stage is set up. Speeches by Mr. Selsily, the government regent of South Buru and other officials from the bureau of tourism and the village are welcoming us. Traditional dances and songs, performed by the young students are following and than we are invited for a lunch buffet, which the villagers have prepared for us.

The days in Tifu are filled with competitions, such as fishing, a race of the traditional wooden canoes and tours inland.

On August 11 the officials come to Tifu again and thank everyone for the great festival and the effort of the village people to make our stay as warm and friendly as possible. Some dance performance and a final dinner invitation are the end of our stay in Tifu.

It is amazing, how a small village is greeting us with such warmth and lots of effort to make us really welcome.