Entry Date: 24.05.2022, at 16:47:00 hrs (local)

Neuseeland - Indonesien

Interesting Sunset


PRID: 12471
LegID: 338
LegNo: 85
Latitude: S031°02.57'
Longitude: E172°19.56'
Day#: 120
Speed: 6 kn
Log (Day): 163 nm
Log (Leg): 278 nm
Log (Total): 58826 nm
Days sailing: 3
Covered distance: 278 nautical miles
Distance to destination: 582 nautical miles
Weather: 20kn south-west wind, 6 feet waves, cloudy
Mood of the crew: relaxed

Even though yesterday it was cloudy all day, in the evening we were presented with a very nice sunset. The sky delivered a wonderful show in amazing bright colors.

During the night the wind has increased to about 20 knots and shifted to a southerly direction. SuAn is running downwind in a wing to wing sail configuration.

Today the sailing is a little less pleasant then yesterday since the higher waves causing SuAn to roll quite badly. Never mind, we are still very happy with the sailing conditions and we are hoping that this will last as long as possible.