Entry Date: 15.03.2023, at 18:15:00 hrs (local)

Langkawi - Langkawi

Sunset at the Beach


PRID: 12656
LegID: 341
LegNo: 88
Latitude: N008°07.27'
Longitude: E098°40.66'
Day#: 1312
Log (Day): 18 nm
Log (Leg): 212 nm
Log (Total): 65069 nm
After a beautiful sailing day we anchor in the island group Ko Phak Bia. At least three little islands with steep lime stone formations and sandy beaches are a magnet for tourists, which are brought by long tail boats to those beaches.

One of the islands has wooden chairs and tables in the shade and under a roof, as well as toilets and a marked beach with life guard. A big board says that it costs 60 Baht for locals and 300 Baht (8 Euro) for foreigners. No, thanks. We stay on board, have our bath from the boat and wait until the long-tail boats take the people back.

Gabi has baked fresh bread and at the other island´s beach we have dinner and sun-downers with a spectacular sunset between the limestone formations in the Phang Nga Bay.