Entry Date: 14.03.2023, at 18:15:00 hrs (local)

Langkawi - Langkawi

Visit in the floating village


PRID: 12655
LegID: 341
LegNo: 88
Latitude: N008°20.49'
Longitude: E098°30.32'
Day#: 1312
Log (Leg): 194 nm
Log (Total): 65051 nm
Ko Pan Yi is another spectacular limestone island at the end of the river delta, which ends in the Phang Nga Bay. It is very special, since it is home for a fishing village, which is built on stilts at its southern shore. The island just provides enough space for a little cemetery. All the buildings are build on stilts over the tidal water of the bay.

The village is home to a Muslim community of fishermen. But times have changed and many of the villagers are also living from tourism. Every day between 10 a.m and 4 p.m. hundreds of tourists are brought in long tail boats from Phuket or Krabi to stroll through the village, have dinner in one of the many restaurants and for buying souvenirs. Some floating docks on the eastern shore are directly connected to restaurants which cooperate with the tour operators. On the western shore only fishermen have docked their boats and children play soccer on a floating platform as well. Over the limestone formations in the West the sun is sending some last light.

We arrive just after the last tourists have left and the shops start to close and most of the restaurants have closed already. We walk one round through the village, watch the people and buy a souvenir, too. One of the restaurants just opens for us again and cooks dinner only for the four of us. That village is really a great place to visit.