Entry Date: 07.06.2021, at 16:00:00 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

Preparations for the storm


PRID: 12226
LegID: 331
LegNo: 79
Latitude: S036°12.27'
Longitude: E175°21.19'
Day#: 1080
Log (Day): 6 nm
Log (Leg): 103 nm
Log (Total): 55213 nm
After we have enjoyed hiking in sunny warm autumn weather for two days, we have to prepare SuAn for the coming storm.

The 28 knots of wind from North East on Sunday with lots of rain have been just a beginning of a three days Low pressure system, which comes right our way. The wind is increasing and tomorrow, on Tuesday, we have to deal with 45 knots, in gusts even more than 50 knots. And as always it brings lots of heavy rain along, good for us to collect the water, but not in those strong winds anymore.

Carefully we study the topographic maps of the shore line and move SuAn in the next bay, where we even tie up an extra rope to shore. But the wind direction will change more to the South East and  will increase further. Than this is not a very good anchorage and we sail back to Kiwiriki Bay, where we anchor closer to the southern shore. With full power we pull the anchor into the mud until Yanmar San cannot pull SuAn away anymore. Our sail cover is now secured with some extra ropes and the dinghy is tied on deck, so that the storm cannot grab any of those.

We hope, that we are good enough prepared to withstand that storm.