Entry Date: 23.05.2022, at 14:50:00 hrs (local)

Neuseeland - Indonesien

Easy Sailing


PRID: 12470
LegID: 338
LegNo: 85
Latitude: S033°45.86'
Longitude: E172°44.84'
Day#: 1199
Course: 329 °
Speed: 5.0 kn
Log (Day): 113 nm
Log (Leg): 115 nm
Log (Total): 58663 nm
Days sailing: 2
Covered distance: 115 nautical miles
Distance to destination: 745 nautical miles
Weather: 12kn south-west wind, gentle 6 feet swell, cloudy
Mood of the crew: relaxed

We are sailing a beam reach in about 12 kn of wind. SuAn is going 5 kn under main sail and genoa. The gentle 6 feet, long period swell is hardly noticeable. All in all it is a very pleasant begin of the passage and we would not mid if this continues like this all the way to New Caledonia.