Entry Date: 26.02.2021, at 17:00:00 hrs (local)

Nelson - Cook Strait - Mana

Open anchorage in Delaware Bay


PRID: 12160
LegID: 329
LegNo: 77
Latitude: S041°08.77'
Longitude: E173°26.32'
Day#: 1034
Log (Day): 14 nm
Log (Leg): 15 nm
Log (Total): 54083 nm
On our way to the Marlborough Sounds we anchor in the wide open Delaware Bay, behind Pepin Island.

Normally this is not a good anchorage since the bay is open to the northwest and this is exactly the direction of the prevailing winds in this area. It is even worse that the bay also offers no protection from the huge Pacific swell. Today the ocean is really calm and still an almost invisible swell makes SuAn rolling at anchor.