Entry Date: 09.07.2024, at 10:00:00 hrs (local)

Horta - Porta Delgada



PRID: 13058
LegID: 359
LegNo: 104
Latitude: N038°31.93'
Longitude: W028°37.49'
Day#: 1607
Log (Total): 84264 nm
Horta, located in the southeast of the Portuguese island of Faial, is the vibrant heart of the island. The bustling harbor, filled with numerous sailing yachts making their return journey from the Caribbean to Europe, lies at the center of all activity.

The town brims with cultural richness, such as historical buildings and narrow cobble stone streets with many churches and quaint parks. A variety of cozy restaurants, lively bars, comprehensive yacht services, and lots of charming little shops invite to stay and enjoy.

Echoes of the past linger in the form of ancient fortresses and city walls, standing as reminders of the era of pirates and privateers. While whaling once provided a crucial livelihood for the island´s inhabitants, today it is tourism and livestock farming that drive the economy.

To the south of Horta, the dramatically indented Pim Bay separates the Guia Peninsula from the rest of Faial. Mount Guia, an ancient volcano featuring two crater lakes now flooded by the sea, adds to the natural allure. This peninsula, a designated nature reserve, offers limited access through hiking trails and a solitary road, preserving its untouched beauty.