Entry Date: 14.01.2021, at 05:45:13 hrs (local)

Stewart Island - Nelson

Passage to Preservation Inlet


PRID: 12107
LegID: 328
LegNo: 76
Latitude: S046°15.00'
Longitude: E166°47.01'
Day#: 1014
Log (Day): 69 nm
Log (Leg): 69 nm
Log (Total): 53330 nm
The passage from the South Cape of Steward Island to the Preservation Inlet was for the most part as expected. Just a few miles west of us is a relative strong NW wind with 25-30kt. However just next to the west coast of Steward Island is a band with variable winds which we have used to sail North.

Since this morning around 3 am things have changed. The NW wind got us about 10nm southeast of Puysegur Point and blows with 25kt right on our nose. Poor Yanmar San has to work very hard and still our speed is with one to two knots painfully slow.