Entry Date: 11.12.2020, at 06:00:00 hrs (local)

Kaikoura - Stewart Island

Arrival in Lyttelton


PRID: 12069
LegID: 327
LegNo: 75
Latitude: S043°35.05'
Longitude: E172°49.77'
Day#: 997
Log (Day): 85 nm
Log (Leg): 85 nm
Log (Total): 52786 nm
This morning we reach, shortly after sunrise, the Port of Lyttelton, also sometimes referred to as Port of Christchurch. This is a very well protected natural harbor.

When we left the Kaikura peninsula we had wind and waves against us. This situation improved over time and during the night we even could sail.

There is a gale warning again and we are very relieved to be here on time. In about 5 hours it will blow here with 40 kts.