Entry Date: 17.02.2024, at 09:30:00 hrs (local)

Walvis Bay, Namibia - Cabedelo, Brazil

Here we go again


PRID: 12927
LegID: 353
LegNo: 98
Latitude: S022°51.72'
Longitude: E014°27.26'
Day#: 1472
Log (Day): 6 nm
Log (Leg): 6 nm
Log (Total): 75605 nm
Days sailing: 1
Covered distance: 6 nautical miles
Distance to destination: 1214 nautical miles
Weather: 10kn Nw wind, not much waves, misty, depressing, 18 degree Celsius
Mood of the crew: relaxed

Namibia exceeded our expectations, captivating us with its vast desert landscapes and the opportunity to experience wild animals up close. The diverse traces of German colonial history also fascinated us. We have enjoyed our time in Namibia very much.

On the dock we say farewell to our good friends Linda and Tony. They help us with the lines and wave us good bye for a long time. Will we see them ever again?

On the way out of the bay we are accompanied by a group of Fur Seals. When they finally stayed behind, it seems they are waving us good bye with there flippers.

We now have approximately 1220 nautical miles ahead of us to the small island of St. Helena, our next destination on the way to Brazil.