Entry Date: 13.06.2023, at 11:00:00 hrs (local)

Kuching - Kota Kinabalu

Arrival in Santubong River


PRID: 12734
LegID: 344
LegNo: 91
Latitude: N001°42.94'
Longitude: E110°19.59'
Day#: 1371
Log (Day): 13 nm
Log (Leg): 13 nm
Log (Total): 66884 nm
At the foot of Mount Santubong is a recommended anchorage in the river, just off a little private dock. The rally participants have the approval of the owner to use that dock for their dinghies and cross the private property in order to catch a GRAB taxi at the road to Kuching. The anchorage with the mangrove covered banks of the river and the towering Gunung Santubong is quite scenic.

Before lunch our kayak is docked at the private jetty and we catch a GRAB to go to Kuching city for clearing in to Malaysia again. It is a long way to town.

Just with the very last day light we are back at the dinghy dock, but low tide has taken all the water around the dock away. Not good! SuAn´s anchor lights are not on and the mud is to thick to carry the kayak into the water. Crocodiles are spotted around here.

We have to wait for the tide coming in again and meanwhile walk to the nearby village in order to find some food. And there is the Cafe Taruk, a little surprise in a fishing village: thousands of LEDs, artificial flowers, shells and pictures make it a unique place. The food is cheap and delicious. A little tidal stream runs through the mangroves just besides the restaurant on stilts and we can check the status of the water level.

Before 10pm we are back at our kayak. There is enough water to leave the dinghy dock and soon we are back on SuAn and can switch on the anchor lights to be seen by the other bypassing ships in the river.