Entry Date: 14.07.2022, at 15:00:00 hrs (local)

Uf Mar, Kai Islands - Batam

Clearing In


PRID: 12517
LegID: 339
LegNo: 86
Latitude: S005°55.09'
Longitude: E132°43.34'
Day#: 1234
Log (Total): 61849 nm
The southern bay of Kai Island is normally not a port of entry. But the organizers of the rally have made special arrangements with the Indonesian Government for the rally fleet. Customs, immigration, biosecurity and other officials are coming from Tual at the eastern side of the island, which is a port of entry, to clear us in.

Since we participate in the rally, lots of preparation work with lots of documents and the visa application have been organized with an Indonesian agent, and we knew what we needed. Customs, immigration and quarantine&health officials (7 people) are visiting each boat. Later we have to see the harbor master to get more stamped documents.

The Kai Islands are not on a regular route for sailing vessels and so the rally brings lots of boats at the same time. Ocean swell is coming into the bay and the boats are rolling heavily at anchor. The conditions for the land based officials on the rolling yachts are quite difficult. But after three days all 17 boats are officially cleared into Indonesia.