Entry Date: 11.04.2022, at 11:00:00 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Opua

Out of the water


PRID: 12436
LegID: 337
LegNo: 84
Latitude: S035°45.50'
Longitude: E174°20.80'
Day#: 1191
Log (Day): 5 nm
Log (Leg): 5 nm
Log (Total): 58458 nm
The Corona virus pandemic continues to grip the world. The Omicron variant keeps causing millions of new infections every day worldwide.

Despite those numbers, the countries here in the South Pacific are gradually opening their sea borders. These include Fiji, Australia, New Caledonia and Indonesia.

However we need to wait to departure since it is still typhoon season in the South Pacific. To minimize the risk of getting caught in a tropical cyclone, we should wait until at least May before leaving New Zealand.

We are using this waiting time to prepare SuAn for her next big ocean passage.
As before, we are in Port Whangarei and taking SuAn out of the water. Ahead of us are several weeks with intense work on the vessel. We are hoping this will all be completed until the middle of May.