Entry Date: 25.01.2020, at 15:31:20 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

Travel Preparateions


PRID: 11853
LegID: 323
LegNo: 71
Latitude: S035°50.27'
Longitude: E174°24.00'
Day#: 934
Log (Total): 51195 nm
Afte four weeks of Christmas vacation and seeing family and friends back in Germany, we are back in New Zealand where SuAn awaits us at her land locked storage area. But SuAn has to wait a couple of more weeks, since we will explore New Zealand´s South Island with our Nissan Serena.

For today we store away our luggedge from Gemany and pack our camping gear, such as bedding, clothing, cooking facilities, food, cosmetics and more in our little van.

Tomorrow we will head off towards South together with Bernd, a friend.