Entry Date: 23.11.2009, at 12:06:00 hrs (local)

Las Palmas - St. Lucia

We are started


PRID: 9623
LegID: 193
LegNo: 6
Latitude: N027°32.00'
Longitude: W015°23.00'
Day#: 32
Course: 225 °
Speed: 6.8 kn
Log (Day): 39 nm
Log (Leg): 39 nm
Log (Total): 2501 nm
Today we started with one day delay and now is also our SuAn participating in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC). The very frightening noises in the propulsion system are removed. We want to say Thank You to Nim and Chris, the two very experienced and creative mechanics who could solve this problem. We are very impressed by your excellent work. The picture shows Nim and Chris working in the engine room of the SuAn.