Entry Date: 07.11.2009, at 17:38:34 hrs (UTC)

Las Palmas - Las Palmas

Las Palmas / Preparing our boat


PRID: 9612
LegID: 191
LegNo: 5
Latitude: N028°07.70'
Longitude: W015°25.58'
Log (Total): 2462 nm
Since our arrival in Las Palmas we have been busy to work at the boat. The main jobs have been the dismounting of the jib boom and the assembly of the furling jib system. Lutz was busy with improving our electrical system by adding a digital charging booster and all the required cables. The existing rectangle wave inverter was causing trouble during the radio transmissions; therefore Lutz changed it to a sine wave inverter. Those works take a lot of time, because there need to be bought additional small parts, which are not always available and must be ordered. Further we have built in LED lamps, connected our Radio system with HF, UHF, MP3 and all speakers in and outside of the boat. We labeled our safety equipment with the ships name and did some little paint work. Lutz is fixing lots of little equipment, such as torches, safety knife, mobile radios, thermos, EPIRB, grab pack… to the boat, that the waves will not do any damage to them. Now we are waiting fro some small parts for the furling jib system and a mechanical engineer to fix some problems with the gear. We have gotten Cholera vaccination, but our wanted Rabies vaccination was not available. Luckily we took our bicycles along and use them daily to do the shopping or hunting for spare parts in Las Palmas. As the marina “Muelle Deportivo” is a little part of the commercial harbor, daily the big ships and passenger vessels are passing by only 200m beside our berth. Now we are looking forward to enjoy the program of the ARC preparation, which will start next week and we will give a feedback before we will leave. Enjoy the pictures…