Entry Date: 15.07.2024, at 16:00:00 hrs (local)

Horta - Porta Delgada

SuAn in Velas


PRID: 13062
LegID: 359
LegNo: 104
Latitude: N038°40.72'
Longitude: W028°12.04'
Day#: 1608
Log (Day): 23 nm
Log (Leg): 23 nm
Log (Total): 84287 nm
After just over 20 nautical miles, we are now on one of the neighboring islands of Faial, called Sao Jorge. This island is long, narrow, and high and offers only a small marina in front of the pretty town of Velas. The marina is full, but behind the breakwater, we find an anchorage spot next to some other yachts.

Since there are hardly any anchorages in the Azores in front of the high islands without bays, only the marinas or protected areas behind breakwaters offer boats protection. Sailors must register and deregister at every anchorage/marina. A fee is usually charged for anchoring.

Velas is a small, pretty town on the southern mountainside of the island. As soon as we have registered, we stretch our legs and enjoy the view from the approximately 160-meter-high local mountain over the town and the anchored boats off the steep coast of Sao Jorge.