Entry Date: 14.06.2024, at 11:30:00 hrs (local)

Road Town, BVI - St. Georges, Bermuda

Arrival in St. Georg´s, Bermuda


PRID: 13037
LegID: 357
LegNo: 102
Latitude: N032°22.83'
Longitude: W064°40.40'
Day#: 1551
Log (Day): 11 nm
Log (Leg): 853 nm
Log (Total): 82345 nm
Days sailing: 8
Covered distance: 844 nautical miles
Weather: 15kn SE wind, 1.0m waves, sunny, 30 degree Celsius
Mood of the crew: excellent

It is only a narrow path which leads in to the natural St. Georg´s Harbor. St. Georg´s Town is located in the very North of Bermuda on an island with the same name. It is the only port of entry of Bermuda. Via VHF radio we are instructed to go to the customs dock. Right next to the dock is the Customs / Immigration building. Here we are cleared in by a super friendly female officer.

Only a few minutes later we leave the customs dock again and anchor close by in a dedicated anchoring field for visiting yachts. We have arrived in Bermuda.