Entry Date: 10.04.2024, at 08:00:00 hrs (local)

Cabedelo, Brazil - Barbados



PRID: 12978
LegID: 355
LegNo: 100
Latitude: N013°15.63'
Longitude: W059°38.80'
Day#: 1514
Log (Day): 38 nm
Log (Leg): 1955 nm
Log (Total): 80772 nm
Days sailing: 14
Covered distance: 1956 nautical miles
Distance to destination: null nautical miles
Weather: 15kn NE wind, no waves, sunny, 29 degree Celsius
Mood of the crew: fantastic

After two weeks sailing, we had arrived yesterday evening, shortly before sunset in our destination, St. Charles on the island of Barbados, in the Caribbeans, We tie SuAn to a mooring buoy, which belongs to the St. Charles Marina. Then it is time to celebrate our arrival in the Caribbeans.