Entry Date: 23.02.2021, at 18:00:00 hrs (local)

Stewart Island - Nelson



PRID: 12158
LegID: 328
LegNo: 76
Latitude: S041°15.61'
Longitude: E173°16.88'
Day#: 1033
Log (Day): 5 nm
Log (Leg): 807 nm
Log (Total): 54068 nm
For three nights we enjoy the comfort of the marina in Nelson. It is been three months since we docked last time in a marina, in Napier, at the East coast of New Zealand´s North Island.

As predicted, the sky is gray and it rains a lot. Lutz is changing engine oil, Gabi uses the laundry facilities of the marina. We do big shopping and at the end have enough provisions for another couple of weeks. And we enjoy a nice dinner in a good restaurant in town.