Entry Date: 14.12.2021, at 12:30:00 hrs (local)

Paterson Inlet - Stewart Island - Stewart Island

Stern line


PRID: 12330
LegID: 334
LegNo: 81
Latitude: S046°58.25'
Longitude: E168°08.78'
Day#: 1133
Log (Day): 2 nm
Log (Leg): 2 nm
Log (Total): 56843 nm
For the next days we expect lots of wind with 25 kn, later up to 40 knots and want to hide in the cozy little, well protected bay, Sailors Rest. Only a little part of that bay is deep enough for sailing boats and almost half of the bay falls dry at low tide.

With high tide we pass the narrow entrance to the bay and set our anchor. We give lots of chain in the 3m shallow water to get close to shore, where the water is a little deeper. Than Lutz takes the dinghy to tie SuAn´s stern to strong branches of trees on shore. Often that requires some balancing and at low tide (2m less water) strong trees hardly can be reached at those steep shores.