Entry Date: 14.05.2019, at 10:00:00 hrs (local)

Vuda Marina - Lautoka

Vuda Marina


PRID: 11733
LegID: 318
LegNo: 66
Latitude: S017°40.86'
Longitude: E177°23.21'
Day#: 833
Log (Total): 48427 nm
For now we are staying a few days in the Vuda Marina. This unique marina complex is specifically designed as a cyclone and serve weather shelter. It is conveniently located only 20 minutes form Nadi International Airport and just 15 minutes from Lautoka, Fiji´s second largest city.

We use the provided fresh water to remove the salt from the deck, the live vests and foul weather gear. We do our laundry and refill the water tanks. Additionally we perform some small repairs and we are planning our further cruising.