Entry Date: 24.05.2024, at 20:30:00 hrs (local)

Barbados - BVI

Culture in Leverick Bay


PRID: 13018
LegID: 356
LegNo: 101
Latitude: N018°30.05'
Longitude: W064°23.30'
Day#: 1532
Log (Day): 10 nm
Log (Leg): 625 nm
Log (Total): 81397 nm
Every Friday Jumbies Restaurant in Leverick Bay is full with cruisers, because BBQ and fire dance are the specialties tonight.

After the hike up to Hog´s Heaven we are all hungry and decide to have a well deserved dinner with some show. The food is really good and the fire dancer provides a firework, well choreographed with the music.