Entry Date: 22.01.2010, at 17:07:46 hrs (UTC)

Bequia - Bequia

This and That


PRID: 9744
LegID: 216
LegNo: 9
Latitude: N013°00.60'
Longitude: W061°14.53'
Day#: 60
Log (Total): 5303 nm
The first three weeks of the new year we have spent now in Bequia.

We have used the opportunity to have some work at the boat done. The most important things were the engine repair, the wind last repair and the generator repair, which we have reported about earlier.

Now SuAn is dressed in her new sails, which had the luxury to travel from China to the Caribbean without working. Now the old sails are getting a rest and got some repair treatment by the sail maker.

Aleck, a local canvas maker, has made a rain catcher, which we span above the fore deck. Every night a few rain showers are coming, but not enough water to catch.