Entry Date: 05.02.2021, at 19:00:00 hrs (local)

Stewart Island - Nelson

Dissappointed in Percipice Cove


PRID: 12135
LegID: 328
LegNo: 76
Latitude: S045°15.03'
Longitude: E167°09.89'
Day#: 1024
Log (Day): 3 nm
Log (Leg): 267 nm
Log (Total): 53528 nm
It is only a short trip to Precipice Cove , where we tie SuAn to a mooring buoy. In the sea chart we discover another river at the end of that cove. It is high tide and we are curious to find out where Rea River will lead us.

We search for the entrance to the rive at the overgrown shore. Finally we find two very small river arms, looking like a mountain creek with lots of river rocks in it. It is to shallow to go by dinghy. But even after a few steps we turn around. It is to late for further hikes today and the sun is already hiding behind the mountains.