Entry Date: 12.05.2019, at 16:00:00 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Vuda Marina

Ugly Weather


PRID: 11730
LegID: 316
LegNo: 65
Latitude: S019°29.54'
Longitude: E177°59.56'
Day#: 832
Course: 330 °
Speed: 6.2 kn
Etmal: 133 nm
Log (Day): 133 nm
Log (Leg): 1139 nm
Log (Total): 48277 nm
Days sailing: 10
Covered distance: 1129 nautical miles
Distance to Fiji: 124 nautical miles
Weather: 30 knots E-wind, 15 feet waves, lots of squalls
Mood of the crew: annoyed

The weather could be a bit nicer. Since last night there is just ugly weather. Instead of the predicted 20 knots of wind we see rather 30 knots and within the numerous squalls it even goes up to 40. The rain is pouring over the deck and the watch is no real fun. For the coming hours the weather forecast is not indicating any changes. OK, lets face it.