Entry Date: 05.07.2019, at 16:00:00 hrs (local)

Vuda Marina - Lautoka

Leaking Rudder Bearing


PRID: 11773
LegID: 318
LegNo: 66
Latitude: S017°40.87'
Longitude: E177°23.21'
Day#: 901
Log (Day): 6 nm
Log (Leg): 754 nm
Log (Total): 49181 nm
During the passage from New Zealand to Fiji we noticed a little sea water in the ship. We discovered that the rudder bearing is a little leaking. Once in a while, especially when SuAn is listing in high waves, a little water splashes through the upper rudder bearing. At that time we tried to cover it with a towel, but that did not really help to contain the water.

Since Fiji is not a good place for replacing a rudder bearing, Lutz was designing a work around: He designed some 3D-printed parts which completely encloses the upper rudder bearing. The water from the inside is led through two hoses down in to a 5-liter canister.

The parts have been 3D-printed in Germany and shipped to Fiji. Yesterday we picked them up from the post office in Lautoka.

Today Lutz is assembling the 3D-printed housing to the rudder bearing. It takes a few hours (see image). At the end he is quite happy with his work. We probably will only learn how effective this workaround will work during the passage back to New Zealand.