Entry Date: 02.02.2010, at 20:23:25 hrs (local)

Bequia - St. Martin

Pirates of the Caribbean


PRID: 9760
LegID: 217
LegNo: 10
Latitude: N013°14.68'
Longitude: W061°16.55'
Day#: 61
Speed: 7 kn
Log (Day): 16 nm
Log (Leg): 16 nm
Log (Total): 5319 nm
This morning we leave Bequia. The crew of the SY Momo is waving farewell with the German flag. We set our new sails and sail to the north.

On the way the weather forecast promises winds up to 35 knots from north easterly directions. This means, we would have to beat wind after St. Vincent. Therefore we decide to stay for 2 nights in the Kearton Bay until the wind is back to normal.

The day is still young and we hike to the Cumberland Bay over the mountains. On our way we stop at the Wallilabou Bay where some scenes of the famous movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" were shot. The buildings and ship docks were still there and T-Shirts were sold as well.

In the evening we are watching the movie with Johnny Depp and recognized the buildings and the harbor.

We stay another day, repair our dinghy, tank water, do some laundry, change the jib, bake bread and watch the other two parts of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean".