Entry Date: 19.11.2005, at 14:24:00 hrs (UTC)

Gran Canaria - Martinique

The journey begins


PRID: 9489
LegID: 160
LegNo: 1
Latitude: N027°44.78'
Longitude: W015°37.40'
Day#: 1
Log (Day): 27 nm
Log (Leg): 27 nm
Log (Total): 27 nm
Here in the most southern Marina of Gran Canaria the last preparations for the Atlantic crossing are completed. The compulsory security briefing of the crew was carried out and the corresponding note in the Logbook was countersigned. We bunker food for approx. 570 euros. Although 600 liters of drinking water are available in three different tanks, we take additionally two liters of drinking water in bottles. We provide ourselves also with plenty of additional fuel. In addition to the 230 liters in the tanks, we take further 450 liters of diesel in fuel cans on board. At 18:30 hours local time (= UTC) we take the Blue Sky out of the Marina. With the last light of the day, we set our course into the greatest adventure of our life time.