Entry Date: 22.04.2006, at 18:41:22 hrs (local)

Phuket (Boat Lagoon) - Phuket (Boat Lagoon)

Ship takeover


PRID: 9431
LegID: 138
LegNo: 1
Latitude: N007°57.83'
Longitude: E098°23.18'
Day#: 1
Course: 180 °
Speed: 4.5 kn
Etmal: 15 nm
Log (Day): 15 nm
Log (Leg): 15 nm
Log (Total): 15 nm
The whole morning Gabi and Lutz are occupied with the shopping and loading. Four big trolleys are filled. The total amount is 12.385,75 Baht or approx. 270 Euro. Later, we take over our ship with the name Lucia, a Gibsea 33. Ian the base manager of Sunsail Phuket explains the special features of the ship to us and gives lots of recommendations for our travel planning.

By 4:00 p.m., Maren and Fred arrive. The baggage is quickly packed away and little later we leave the Boat Lagoon. For the night, we anchored in the last light of the day in the east of Ko Rang Yai.